Digital & Mobile Forensic Services


Computers, Tablets, Peripherals & Mobile Devices


CYFORTEC Group specializes in recovering evidence artifacts from digital devices. We identify, collect, preserve and present relevant evidence for needs ranging from discreet internal matters to formal legal proceedings.

Our team can locate and recover deleted files, emails, photographs, documents, Internet browsing activity, text / chat communications and much more.


Call Detail Records (CDRs)

CDRs contain valuable communication and cell tower information. When obtained via appropriate court process, CYFORTEC can interpret CDRs for case relevance.

Case Audit

With over 100 years of combined criminal and corporate investigative experience, CYFORTEC can expertly review your corporate, civil or criminal case for accuracy and completeness, re-examine and validate digital evidence while providing insider knowledge about the investigative process.  We identify when additional investigative or technical procedures could have or should have been implemented and act to recover valuable evidence. 

Digital Exit Strategies

We work with your organization to ensure your critical data doesn't leave when your employee moves on. Contacts, confidential documents, financials, territory maps, price lists, and other proprietary information are often targets of employees moving on to a competitor.

Litigation Support

We provide defensible evidence collected by trained and certified computer examiners using industry standard tools.