cyber intelligence Services


Surface Web & Deep / Dark Web Scanning

We connect the dots between people, places and events and scan for nefarious and threatening activity that can affect you or your business.

Web 2.0 Intelligence

User generated content generates tremendous insights into trends, behavior and risk. Our analysts monitor the Internet for nefarious activities, such as threats to individuals, groups or locations and can identify industry trends, privacy leakage, and the posting and selling of PII.

Geo-Location Data

The real world geographic location of a device can be used to enhance investigations and protective services  

Brand Protection & Competitive Advantage

Our service helps mitigate damage to your company’s reputation and brand as well as provide competitor awareness and sentiment analysis. 

Criminal, Civil and Corporate Investigations

Investigations are tremendously enhanced from the inclusion of Internet based evidence. 


Cyber-intelligence is often an overlooked component of many investigations. Allow us the opportunity to show you the value of this information and how it complements our other services.